Services Offered


Physical Therapy

We take an active approach to Physical Therapy so you can actively retake your life and get back to the things you love quickly. Let’s get you out of pain for now and for the long term.

Massage Transparency

Soft Tissue Work and Massage

Tight muscles? No problem. Our therapists are experts in soft tissue manipulation. This is great for stubborn “muscle knots”, chronic tightness, increasing flexibility, and post-game/post-season muscle recovery.


Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine division provides thorough physical exams to check on your physical, mental, orthopedic, neurological, and cardiovascular health to ensure you are fit and prepared for your sport.

Already injured? No problem. We can help to not only get an accurate diagnosis, but also provide pain management interventions to help accelerate your progress in Physical Therapy.


Sport Specific Performance Training

All athletes are looking to excel in their sports, but not all sports are the same. Stop the generic training programs. If you’re a rugby player, train for breaking the ruck. If you’re a baseball player, train to increase exit velocity. Train for your specific sport with us, and reach the peak of your game.

Ready To Move Forward?

We're in this together. The PowerPT team is ready when you are! Let's start the journey to pain-free performance.